KEITH NESBITT - A . B U T T E R F L Y ' S . W I N G S (2007)

Painting of A Butterfly's Wings (oil on canvas)

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A Butterfly’s Wings
Some place in time,
a butterfly’s wings were beating.
There was chaos where the light had been,
darkness and starlight where the sun,
had disappeared, retreating.

I was caught hoping that the day,
would last a little longer.
Caught holding onto memories,
that made my hopes seem stronger.
My hopes were just some dreams,
that I’d forgotten to forget.
But I was holding on to daylight,
by the time the sun had set.

Some time in place,
a butterfly’s wings were beating.
There was chaos in the scheme of things,
a madness as each moment ran,
disordered, fastly fleeting.

Among the steady stars a light,
left it’s arc across the sky.
Your thoughts fell bright across my mind,
lingered where I’d let them fly.
These hopes were made of dreams,
that I’d remembered to recall.
And I was wishing on the starlight,
as I watched the heavens fall.

Some place, some time, somewhere,
I know a butterfly’s wings are beating.
There’ll be chaos in the land of dreams,
where next our hopes are meeting.