KEITH NESBITT - W H E R E . D R A G O N S. F L Y (1994)

Painting of Where Dragons Fly (oil on canvas)

Sky-fly and the Sea-dragon
Sky-fly was a dragon who flew through the air,
as light as a feather with barely a care.
As she crossed the sea she was suddenly spied,
caught in the blue of a Sea-dragon's eye.

Sky-fly was dark and the summer sky pale,
as she dipped and she dived and turned on her tail,
to splash in the sea where the cool waters flowed,
down in the waves where the Sea-dragon rode.

Sky-fly was enchanted by the Sea-dragon's curse,
two bright jewelled eyes that looked into hers.
She couldn't escape though her will was still strong,
she was held by the sound of the Sea-dragon's song.

Sky-fly went below to the Sea-dragon's home,
below the blue waves where the Sea-dragons roam.
Would she never more fly on her cloud-covered road,
for all time within a Sea-dragon's abode ?

Sky-fly was happy and saddened by love,
for she wanted to stay and yet fly far above.
The Sea-dragon felt the same sadness start,
for the same love lived in the Sea-dragon's heart.

Sky-fly knew that Sea-dragons could fly,
but the heat of the sun makes a Sea-dragon die.
They must fly close above the cool water seas,
in the cool breath of air called a Sea-dragon breeze.

Sky-fly was woken from sad dreams one night,
lifted up in the arms of the Sea-dragon's might.
As they swam from the deep to the dark summer's skies,
there was a light in the jewels of the Sea-dragon's eyes.

Sky-fly bathed in the waves under moon's gentle light,
and watched as her Sea-dragon burst into flight.
" Let's fly to the stars !", came the Sea-dragon's roar.
" At night there's a place where Sea-dragons soar !".

Sky-fly wept so happy and spread her light wings,
to dance in the sky where her Sea-dragon sings.
She knew now forever where happiness lay,
to be there wherever her Sea-dragon played.

Sky-fly swims so cool by her Sea-dragon's side,
as the sun looks down warm on the great ocean tide.
Then under the stars when the day passes by,
is the place where the Sky and the Sea-dragon fly.


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