KEITH NESBITT - F O R C E S . O F . C H A N G E (2000)

Painting of Forces of Change (oil on canvas)


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Forces of Change
The fire in the sky,
looks down from the air.
It heats the earth and water,
makes the air blow strange.
The wind’s a force of change.

The water falls to earth,
and cools the red skies’ fire.
Returns to air from fired earth,
and clouds the air so strange.
The storm’s a force of change.

The fire in the earth,
heats the air and water.
Spills fire to the air,
spits fired breath so strange.
The earth’s a force of change.

The water blown by air,
spills upon the earth.
Quenches earths’ hot fire,
now tired and spent and strange.
The sea’s a force of change.


Copyright (c) 2007 Keith Nesbitt
All rights reserved.