Future Facets : 1975

Future Facets is full of many metaphors. I used to get in trouble for mixing my metaphors in English but no one ever complained in art. Actually I like mixed metaphors – although they are hard to interpret, it is the relating of unrelated concepts that add subtle layers of meaning for me. How in my mind did unrelated metaphors become related – that reveals the most to me about my thinking.

At the time I was working on this picture I wrote quite a long and detailed explanation of the meanings. Here is a snapshot of meanings. I am the observer of my path trying to read my future. The future is seen through many windows. Each window shows a different view as I look into them. There are many futures because I am many people and my future depends on which person I choose to be. Which mask I wear. Two windows show the city with it’s buildings and traffic chaos. Another window shows nature while a further window captures faith and theological temptations. Of course I could never read my future because I could never penetrate my own mask, or could I?

Sketch for Future Facets (pencil on paper). Future Facets (oil on canvas board).  
The picture was mainly in blue and I think I had now adopted this colour as a favourite. Unfortunately the composition never really worked out the way I wanted. There was too much detail and it should probably have been much larger. But I liked the window metaphor – I later discovered that the “eyes are the window to the soul” and here I was painting my soul windows. At the time I planned a future exhibit based on the window theme. Unfortunately this picture suffered because not all the elements were suited to the use of colour fades. My window exhibit suffered because I needed more time.

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