KEITH NESBITT - T H E . P L A C E . A T . 4 , 2 , 1 (1980)

Painting of The Place at 4,2,1 (oil on canvas)

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The Place at 4,2,1
The Place at 4, 2, 1
A child runs to her mother.
Tears of ice,
like crystals in her eyes.

" Where have you been,
my green eyed daughter ?
Were you not down upon the sand,
playing in the water ? "

" No, I've been a silly girl,
I was walking by the playground,
where it meets the world.
And I saw a place,
that reaches to the sun.
It was the place at 4, 2, 1."

" And where is your brother,
he has not run to his mother ?
Oh, where is my grey eyed sun ?"

" He was walking with me,
I called but he would not come.
So I left him at the place,
the place at 4, 2, 1."

The mother holds her child,
close upon her breast,
and tears of ice,
like crystals,
fall upon her dress.


Copyright (c) 2007 Keith Nesbitt
All rights reserverd.