KEITH NESBITT - R I D E . O N . W A V E . M A G I C (1979)

Painting of Sun Child (oil on canvas).

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Ride on Wave of Magic
Ride on wave of magic,
ride on wave of time.
To close your eyes is tragic,
to close your eyes is blind.
You ride on wave of magic,
you ride on wave of time.
You ride on a wave of magic,
you ride on a wave of time.

What lies in that tunnel?
Hidden forever in a shadow,
moving with the motion,
of water through a funnel.

How grows that strange new flower?
Lying aimless in a red sun,
still within the gale,
planted in the tower.

What lies in each direction?
Arrows which lead away or in,
some that point to danger,
some leading to protection.

What lies in each new plane?
Your eye must take her course,
following the visions,
to meet like corners on a frame.


Copyright (c) 2007 Keith Nesbitt
All rights reserverd.