Painting of Sail Again (acrylic on wood) : 1973

This is where the journey began. My first picture. It was a painting I did for 4th form at school (year 10). We were required to select a picture from a magazine and then cut it into strips and reassemble the strips in a different order. Although the imagery never came out of my head it still looks a lot like the pictures I would later paint. For example, it shows the sun and incorporates the water and the horizon. Perhaps this is not too surprising as I picked a picture I liked to paint. Much later I would meet this picture again in Boston, but much later. Another feature of the painting is the way different colours are faded together to create a transition between colours. I went to school with a fellow called Chris Buller and he like to call this “colour fades”. While these colour fades can be seen here in my first picture, I had actually been working for a number of years on using colour pencils to fade different colours together. I remember this as the highlight of doing history projects, were I would really enjoy colouring in the histograms. Actually I never really liked the picture too much and only kept it because my mother insisted and promised to look after it. I’m glad I did because the metaphor grew on me as I did. More and more my life felt like I was a single-handed sailor charting the fickle seas of life.

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