KEITH NESBITT - S O M E T I M E S. I . D R E A M . I N . B L U E (1979)

Painting of Sometimes I Dream in Blue (oil on canvas).

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Sometimes I Dream in Blue
When the world is restless,
and my feet just shuffle,
to and through.
My mind may wander.
My heart alas,
nowhere to go.

Now when I rest at home,
my mind may sleep,
and dream in monochrome.
But when I was much younger,
and my heart,
would rest in slumber.
Alone in bed,
colours filled my head.

I don't know what it means,
but now the fading rainbows,
of my watercolour dreams,
leave a single hue.
Sometimes I dream in blue.


Copyright (c) 2007 Keith Nesbitt
All rights reserverd.