I was born in Newcastle, Australia in 1959 and began painting and writing lyrics when I was about 14. I also studied medicine when I first left school but somehow ended up doing degrees in computer science and mathematics. Now in my day job I teach and research in some broad areas of IT like computer programming, computer games, virtual reality and information visualisation. Of course I sell paintings and make songs with people as well.

Once upon a time my science and art seemed like very different parts of my mind but somehow on my journey they became two parts of the same thing. For me art and science seem to work like complementary opposites of each other. Art is inconsistent, unlike science should be. But without both I can't seem to understand everything that happens in my mind. There doesn't seem to be completeness.

Now while I like the theory of things my science tends to focus on applied research. I really like to build tools that help people find patterns in data. I'm curious too about how our minds work. About how people create ideas and find patterns in things. One day the patterns in my paintings, in my songs and in my science all became the same. There only seemed to be one pattern from which all my ideas came. I called this pattern "simplicity" because all the complexity came from a single simple pattern. But then again I have a complicated head and a simple imagination.