I was born in Newcastle, Australia in 1959 and began painting when I was about 14. You can look at this first painting and all my others in the PORTFOLIO or SLIDE SHOW.

Each painting usually represents a strong concept or idea that I am exploring. Indeed as it is painted it somehow captures all the patterns, both conscious and sub-conscious, that are on my mind at the time. I find they help me to find patterns in my thoughts. Actually they contain so many memories that they tend to become precious to me. People sometimes laugh when I say they are like my children.

Although I have been painting a long time I have only completed about 60 or so works. Each picture takes about 200 hrs to complete and unfortunately I have to fit it all into my spare time. I enjoy exhibiting them when I can and you can see and read about my exhibits under EXHIBITIONS. Occasionally I sell works but of course it's like selling one of my children so I'm not too keen on the idea. One day I will make more time, and find more wall space, and just paint and think.

Although the art and science seem to be very different sides of me they are quite closely related. In particular patterns and creativity are of interest to both scientists and artists. Making pictures of information or using sound to represent information was not only the subject of my PhD but is also what drives my painting and song making. Of course "Ideas" are very important to both researchers and artists.

Read more about my painting approach in my ARTISTS STATEMENT (930kb).