I've been writing lyrics since about 1976. So far I've written words for about 1082 songs (but whose counting anyway). I was going to stop when I got to 1000 but I guess I didn't. It doesn't always feel like me writing - somebody else inside my head. So I prefer to think of the writer as someone else dragonfly.

For some reason I don't understand music except through the words of the songs and the pictures they make. Over the years I've worked with a lot of different musicians and bands trying to turn my words into real songs. Currently I've been collaborating mostly with Richard Newell. I do the words and he does the music - which is the hard part he says! Anyway it works pretty well and you can listen to some of our work on Tilt-a-whirl by Emotional Park Vandals and Landscape by Strange Things.

Currently we are also working on the new album by Emotional Park Vandals called Rainbow String Electric and also a more country style of folk album called "Trains" which features Dougie Rowe and a number of songs, which strangely enough, have something to do with trains.

The writing process is always interesting and it can be quite different with different people. Sometimes the music comes first and then the words, other times it's the words first and then the music. Regardless the words and music tend to evolve together.

Most of the recorded songs tend to be something along the lines of rock, pop or folk, however I'm happy working across a range of musical styles. When I was in Boston in 2006-2007 I worked with Jenny Tsai to do the words for a musical called Mr Lee's Fabulous Circus.

Anyway a few more songs left in me yet - so if you are interested in the serious hard work of making music then let me know.